The vision of Man in the Mirror: “For every church to disciple every man.”

Our mission:  “To help churches more effectively disciple their men.”

  • God has blessed us to impact 10,000,000 men. But we believe God wants us to do more.
  • We’ve focused on men’s discipleship for over 25 years — addressing America’s “men problem” and the secondary problem that, while churches want to disciple men, most haven’t been able to keep men’s discipleship as a high ongoing priority.
  • We’ve concluded that without men in local communities building relationships with local pastors and leaders, men’s discipleship has probably gone about as far as it can. We know that to succeed we need to forge men’s discipleship into an industry by offering men a viable career path in men’s discipleship.
  • That’s why we’ve created the positions of Field Representatives, Associate Area Directors and Area Directors. Each position provides those men with specific (but adaptable) “territories” – geographic boundaries consisting of as many as 1,000 churches.
  • The Field Representatives goal is to help a handful of churches in their area become more effective in discipling men. A full-time Area Director’s near term goal is to build relationships with 100 churches that result in 30-40 new disciples each by the end of his first three years – that’s about 3 churches per month. Man in the Mirror’s role is to make sure that every Field Staff member is wildly successful!
  • This is working. Based on surveys in 2014 and 2015 with churches who have engaged with a Field Staff member, a church will have 15 new men in discipleship (on average) within the first year of engaging with a Field Staff member.
  • To that end, based on our work with more than 25,000 churches, we’ve created The Journey to Biblical Manhood (“The Journey”), a flexible process for a church to disciple all its men with resources they choose.
  • The Journey consolidates all of our concepts, products, and services into a single, branded initiative. The Journey is comprehensive enough to eventually disciple all the men in a church, and flexible enough to use whatever resources best suit their needs—the church is always in charge!
  • We have proof of concept on our men’s events. Of the men who have attended our more than 1,100 seminars, 33% have committed or recommitted their lives to Christ, and 67% have joined a small group.
  • We also have proof of concept for our men’s discipleship leader training. Churches that implement our No Man Left Behind training had an average 48% increase in the number of men attending their church and an 84% increase in the number of men involved in discipleship in 2 1/2 years.

Men, the first step to every great outcome is to imagine its possibility. Picture those churches in your region that, three years after you go active, are on the path to robust men’s discipleship. Imagine your joy in ten years when wives and mothers walk up to you and bless you for the strongholds broken, the marriages healed, the families saved. Pastors seek you out for wisdom on how to disciple “all” their men. That’s success that matters! The second step to every great outcome is the determination to do whatever it takes to make the vision happen. The strength for step two will always come from the motive power of step one. So I encourage you to dwell on your vision for your region every day…until you feel like you will explode if God does not give you success. Then go find someone you can sneeze on.

Pat Morley