What does a member of the Man in the Mirror Field Staff actually do?

Field Representatives (and Area Directors) work with the leadership teams of churches in their area or denomination to help them disciple men. Specifically, they offer them support, coaching, training, resources, and a flexible plan in the form of The Journey to Biblical Manhood. We’ll provide everything you need to connect with leadership teams and equip them to disciple men.

Is this about helping churches do men's ministry activities?

Absolutely not. If you haven’t yet, please read No Man Left Behind. We help church leaders design and implement a discipleship process for their men. This may or may not include the elements that many churches associate with men’s ministry. But it absolutely will involve every aspect of how men are engaging with their church.

What is the difference between the roles on the Field Staff?

You can see the details in the position descriptions here on the site, but all positions seek to help churches disciple their men. We have a very flexible approach to working with you and our infrastructure allows you to transition from Field Representative to full or part-time Area Director. What is important is that you follow God’s direction. Our process allows that to happen effortlessly.

Will I have to sell things to churches?

No. Churches who implement The Journey to Biblical Manhood choose how much money to spend and who to spend it with. They can schedule events and invest in resources, and training from Man in the Mirror, from other publishers and ministries, or implement the free options that we identify for each challenge.

What kind of training will I receive as a Field Representative?

Field Representatives are required to attend No Man Left Behind training (live training event scheduled regionally) and approximately 15 – 20 hours of online self-paced training. The Field Representative is responsible for travel-related expenses associated with the training event. All training should be complete within 6 months of completed/approved application.

What kind of training will I receive as an Area Director?

  1. If a Field Representative is approved to transition to the role of Area Director, he will receive initial training that provides him with a brief overview on and orientation to Man in the Mirror. Most of the initial training week is focused on the strategies, methods and tactics needed to raise the budget for the individual’s ministry. We call that Ministry Partner Development (MPD) and our training is adapted with permission from that given by CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ).
  2. A second stage of training is required for Area Directors (but available to Field Representatives). It orients you to No Man Left Behind, The Journey to Biblical Manhood, and implementing a discipleship process for men in the local church. This second phase – we call it Boot Camp –  also trains you on the business processes you need to be a successful Field Staff – how to connect with pastors and leaders in churches, how to build a volunteer team, how to manage your time and ministry budget, and how to persuasively present your services to church leadership teams.

What kind of training will I receive as an Affiliated Area Director?

Required training includes No Man Left Behind (live) and MIM Boot Camp.  Tuition fees for the Affiliate are the same as those charged to MIM Area Directors and Field Representatives.  Optional training includes Ministry Partner Development training.

How does an Area Director get paid?

Field Representatives receive no compensation from Man in the Mirror, but may raise funds to cover some ministry expenses.

Area Directors raise the funds for their ministry budget, including ministry expenses, salary (if desired), benefits (if selected), federal/state/local taxes (if needed), and a minimum administrative fee (if applicable). These funds come from interested individuals in their community.  All Area Directors are required to have a minimum of five monthly financial partners for their regional coalition.  This helps provide him with local accountability. Any of the men on the team can build a ministry fund so that they can be reimbursed for ministry-related expenses, including our Field Representatives.

Is there a fee for Field Representatives?

There is annual fee of $1,200 (effective January 1, 2017). The fee is due once the candidate has accepted the position and is used to help the ministry recover costs associated with start-up and on-going support. The fee may be paid from the donor-funded ministry account, once established. Commissioning, training and other initial steps may be withheld until the fee is paid in full.

What does the annual fee provide in terms of benefits?

The benefits provided to our Field Reps are extensive:

  • Man in the Mirror Welcome Package of start-up materials
  • Access to our Resource Center (brochures, marketing, collateral, stationary)
  • Discount to No Man Left Behind training (as many as you want)
  • Discounts on MIM Resources and Books! by the Box that you purchase for ministry use
  • Access to training and leadership webinars
  • Online training
  • Man in the Mirror boot camp (registration fee applies)
  • National training week (registration fee applies)
  • Free registration to FUEL: Regional Leaders Conference
  • Subscription to Equipping the Man in the Mirror devotional
  • Man in the Mirror email account
  • Office 365 license
  • Access to monthly conference calls with field staff and HQ
  • Invitation to attend video conference calls with field staff on case studies from the field
  • Inclusion to a closed, private Facebook page for updates, prayer requests and communications
  • Access to a shared Team Site with “how to”, training resources, research/articles and more
  • A presence on our website
  • Check processing and donation processing
  • Charitable Giving statements for your donors (under our 501(c)3
  • Technical support from our IT group
  • Transition support from Field Rep to Area Director or vice versa

Can a Field Representative get reimbursed for ministry-related expenses ?

Yes! Field representatives can be reimbursed up to $4800 per year for ministry expenses which includes their annual fee/registration for FUEL, our annual Leaders Conference. If more than $4800 is accumulated, then the excess is “rolled over” to the following year. If the Field Representative intends to migrate toward the Area Director position which requires more funding, then additional fund generation is acceptable.

God has blessed me financially and I don't need a full salary. How does that work?

Effective January 1, 2017, all Field Team members are required to have a ministry fund that is sourced from individual and/or organizational donations. This provides him with a much stronger sense of local accountability. The fund is used to reimburse the Field Rep or Area Director for ministry-related expenses like travel, training tuition, meals with pastors/church leaders/potential ministry partners, mileage, etc.

Is it a good value for the kingdom for me to raise this money? Wouldn’t it be better for people to give this money to orphans or famine relief?

It is a good value for the kingdom for an Area Director to raise his support, because it will result in more men giving more money to the kingdom for years to come. For example, let’s imagine an Area Director raises $100,000 each year for his ministry.  Suppose that he is only able to help 25 churches reach 2 new men each year. (We believe we will have much higher results than this: our survey statistics show churches reaching an average of more than 12 men each.) That would be 50 men. Let’s assume that on average these men begin contributing $1,000 each to the kingdom (considerably less than a tithe to be conservative.) That is $50,000.  So, in addition to the life change for these men, in the first year half of the money that the Area Director raises is being “replaced” for kingdom causes. The next year, at least another 50 men would be reached, so now $100,000 in new donations are flowing into these churches.

In five years, the $100,000 that donors are investing in the Area Director will have turned into $500,000 for the kingdom, and it’s being invested every year!

Will I be able to raise the money?

We believe God absolutely wants churches to disciple men, and we believe Area Directors are necessary for that to happen as well as it should. We are confident that He will call people to be part of your ministry support.  He already knows who they are….you just need to find them.  We’ll also provide training, coaching, and support along the way. We’ll give you specific materials and presentations to help you make the case about the value and importance of your role as an Area Director.

I work for another ministry and have already have financial backing. Can I become an Area Director?

The last thing we want to do is to poach or recruit staff from other ministries. However, if after prayer and discussion with your existing ministry leaders you feel that this position is what God is calling you to, we will help you transition to Man in the Mirror. We’ll work with you to develop new donors or transition existing ones, depending on your agreement with your existing employer.

I already have a 501(c)3 ministry that provides my salary, benefits and expenses. Can I be affiliated with Man in the Mirror as an Area Director?

Yes!  Our Affiliated Area Directors are viewed by the ministry as full-time or part-time Area Directors.  Since their financial needs are already being provided, there is no need to attend initial MPD training (it is optional, if desired).  No Man Left Behind (live) and Boot Camp are required training components for the Affiliated Area Directors.  Once complete, the Affiliated AD or his ministry pay a monthly fee.  The fee covers the costs associated with their registration to our annual Leaders Conference, visibility on our website, access to our national Field Director, access to our Resource Center and access to our data base of customers in his region.

Is there a fee for an Affiliated Area Director?

Affiliated Area Director or his ministry/organization will pay a fee of $375 per month to cover ongoing training, coaching and administrative support for up to two individuals.  The fee also covers the registration for one Affiliated Area Director for Fuel, the annual Leaders Conference.  Other Affiliates with that same ministry/administrative will receive the same rate for Fuel as that offered to Man in the Mirror Area Directors and Field Representatives.  The monthly fee also covers access to our Resource Center, on-going training, webinars, subscription to Equipping the Man in the Mirror devotional, monthly conference calls with field staff and HQ, inclusion to a closed, private Facebook page for updates, prayer requests and communications and a presence on our website.

I need to provide for my family. How much can I earn as an Area Director?

You will be able to earn a living wage that is adjusted for your experience and region of the country. Based on professional or ministerial experience, monthly salaries range from $5,800 to $8,400. Depending on your needs, part-time wages can be a pro-rated amount of the corresponding full-time salary all the way down to minimum wage for your state (you decide).

Will I have health insurance and benefits as an Area Director?

Yes, you must have health insurance to be an Area Director. For full-time Area Directors, group medical insurance is a benefit option from Man in the Mirror if you need it.  Other benefits like a 401(k) and life insurance are also available for full-time Area Directors.  There are no benefit options for part-time Associate Area Directors, Affiliated Area Directors or Field Representatives.

How much of the money I raise will go to the national office of Man in the Mirror?

Man in the Mirror applies a 14% administrative fee for all donations made to our Area Directors and Field Representatives.  For Area Directors, If less than $3500 per month is being raised for the regional ministry, there is a $500 monthly administrative fee.  Area Directors (full time) can receive a portion of this back as matching funds towards their 401-k contributions.

What do I get for this percentage?

For this portion of the funds that are raised, Man in the Mirror will handle all the administrative aspects of your ministry effort. You don’t have to form a company, establish a non-profit, or hire a bookkeeper. You also get to leverage the Man in the Mirror resources and brand – including The Journey to Biblical Manhood – in your ministry efforts with churches and men. We’ll also provide national marketing and resource development to support you in your ministry. You’ll have access to our relationships with 30,000+ churches and most major denominations. We’ll support you with a National Director in the home office and support staff to help you connect with leaders and churches. Also, a coach is provided to help you raise the funds for your ministry.  As well, if you elect the 401(k) option, the matching contribution up to 4% is included in the 14% administrative fee. We think that you’ll agree that you will get a lot of value from the services we offer.

Can I work from my home?

Yes. We expect that many Area Directors and Field Representatives will work from a home office. You’ll be responsible to raise the funds to adequately outfit your office with standard business tools – a computer, printer, phone, etc.

I don't live in the United States. Can I still be a member of the Field Staff?

Yes! But in a slightly different capacity. Our International Field Representatives, once trained, operate on an independent basis. There is no compensation associated with this position. There is a cost for the training which can be completed online or via DVDs. Either option can be secured via accepted credit card transaction.

I’m interested in being a part of the Field Staff, but there is already someone in my area.

If it appears that we have someone in place where you live, we want to encourage you to continue the process.  If God is calling you to serve as part of our Field Staff, then let’s not let a map get in the way.  Most areas of the country will need more than one field staff person – in fact, some areas (more densely populated) could use as many as a handful of men.  The territory you are looking at represents approximately 1,000 churches.  We’d love to re-draw that map to accommodate you – and others, in that same area.