Are you a man who…

  • Is strongly committed to his relationship with Christ?
  • Feels called to help men become disciples?
  • Feels the local church’s primary purpose is discipleship?
  • Is comfortable talking to anyone, no matter their status?
  • Sets and achieves meaningful goals, and sees them through?
  • Is a man of integrity with a humble and teachable spirit?

Become an Area Director!

  • Get trained to help churches implement proven strategies to disciple all their men.
  • Build a local team of supporters and advisers to invest and participate in your ministry.
  • Develop, train and encourage men’s leaders in your area.
  • Receive extensive training and support to raise contributions to cover all salary and expense requirements.
  • Impact your community by helping churches to disciple men to live a Godly life at home and at work.
  • Work full time or part time.